Think manageable IT, Think HP DaaS!


Managing IT is a challenge when you want to empower it! Managing IT is a maintenance job and as dreary the job might sound, it is equally complex. If any of the system breakdowns or if any repair work is needed, IT maintenance and management comes into picture. But this can put a lot of pressure on resources, cost and other things in your business. Therefore, being proactive is the solution and also a versatile, tailor made solution that comes with great customer support, repair, maintenance and warranty can help you in doing better each time!

It takes lot of IT resources and employees to keep all the devices in organization intact. Here’s when you should outsource this service. Therefore HP DaaS along with the 5 year warranty, Resident Engineer Support, AMC (for out of warranty assets) HP TechPulse can help you manage IT better. Get simple flexible management for better IT!

Here are some of the advantages-

Extended Service Plans

You can get your warranty extended up to 5 years. Extended warranty assures and avoids that you’ll not incur any extra or unnecessary costs to maintain your product.

Accidental Damage Protection

Avoid the cost you may have to pay for such as unexpected drops, damaged LCDs etc.

Next Business Day onsite service

Our professionals will visit you on the very next business day on your location. This ensures you don’t have to run across to get your product repaired.

HP ProBook powered by Windows 10 Pro is a device that can help you create wonderful work each time you have a new idea. It’s beautiful exterior compliments its interior intelligence that is crafted for better performance, security and productivity.

HP recommends Windows 10 Pro for business as it comes with built-in security features that helps you safeguard against threats. With Windows 10 Pro take your business on the go.

About Esquare Consulting
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